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Digital Citizenship

K-12 curriculum that prepares students to excel as learners and become active citizens of the digital age.

Dear educators & parents,


We learnt from your growing needs and concerns. We thus developed an evolutionary curriculum. 

what you'll find

-Scope & Sequence
-Games & Interactives
-Professional Resource
-Family Education

The program is structured to address real challenges for teachers and students to help schools navigate cyberbullying, internet safety, and other digital dilemmas. Being a good digital citizen is more than knowing your way around the web. Our program helps you connect and collaborate in ways unparalleled.


Our 65 grade-differentiated lesson plans are based on the research of Dr. Howard Gardner and the Good Play Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Digital citizenship literacy is essential to create a positive and safe culture across the school while fostering responsible technology use. In this K-12 comprehensive learning program, you can find resources for students, teachers and family members.

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