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Here's a Language Test to help you gauge your English Language proficiency better.


WEBSITE Listening-Test-1
00:00 / 02:40

#1 You are going to listen to two speakers talking about four different places once and then you are going to read sentences and indicate to what place the sentences refer to.  

(10 Points)

  • Matmata

  • Cappadocia

  • Ponte Vechio

  • Neft Dashlari


1. This place is located in Tunisia__________________________

2. This place appeared in a James Bond Film:__________________

3. They built the bridge in 1345:___________________________

4. This place looks long and industrial:______________________

5. 5 thousand people live there:___________________________

6. This place is located in Turkey:_________________________

7. The building looks like mushrooms_______________________

8. This place is in Florence, North of Rome:_____________________

9. This place is in Azerbaijan:________________________________

10. Companies drill for oil in this place:__________________________

#2 Listen to the speaker talking about the festival of ideas and complete the statements with the information you hear ( 9  Points)

WEBSITE Listening-Test-2
00:00 / 00:41
  1. The Festival happens  in __________________ (location)

  2. The Festival started in _______________ (year)

  3. The Festival of ideas is celebrated every________________ (month)

  4. Anyone interested in ____________ and _________________ can go to the _________________, __________________, ______________ and performances

  5. ___________________ people attended the _____________ year


Read the Mount Everest Text and mark if the statements made at the end of it are true or false

Mount Everest is a peak in the Himalaya mountain range. It is located between Nepal and Tibet. At 8,850 meters (29,035 feet), it is considered the tallest point on Earth. In the nineteenth century, the mountain was named after George Everest, a former Surveyor General of India.

The first-ever recorded people to climb Everest were Edmund Hillary and his Tibetan guide Tenzing Norgay. They climbed the mountain in 1953 and hold the record together.

The Himalayan mountains have long been home to indigenous groups living in the valleys. The most famous of these are the Sherpa people.

Climbing Mount Everest has become a popular expedition for mountain climbers. However, it is a dangerous undertaking. Climbing Everest requires a lot of experience mountaineering elsewhere, as well as a certificate of good health, equipment, and a trained Nepalese guide.

Mark if these sentences are true or false

                        Statement                                                                                             True or False


Mount Everest is the highest point of Earth

Mount Everest was named like that after a tribe

Nobody has ever climbed Mount Everest

Indigenous tribes live near the Himalaya

Climbing the Everest requires that you are healthy

You don’t need the experience to climb the Everest

You don’t need local guides to climb the Everest



Read each one of the words in the chart and use to complete the conversation

fight                        see

species                   population

resting                    unique

Seal Bay has been home to an Australian sea lion _____________________for thousands of years, and offers one of the most exceptional nature-based experiences in the world.

Australian sea lions are _______________ to South Australia and Western Australia. They are an endangered _______________, their total population is about 12,000. Seal Bay is the third largest colony of this magnificent, wild creature.

This is the only place in the world where you can _________________ Australian sea lions at close quarters and walk on a beach where pups play, bulls _____________ for supremacy and _________________ mothers suckle their young.


Read the following sentences and complete with the past or participle form of the verb

  1. I ____________________ Coco Island (visit)

  2. I had never _____________ with sharks (swim)

  3. We ___________ a great time (have)

  4. My girlfriend and I _____________ snorkeling (do)

  5. We ___________ a lot of pictures (take)

  6. We____________ quite a few beers ( drink)

PART V. WRITING (12 pts.)

Read the information from the chart about the Great Wall of China and make sentences that cover all information included in the chart

Name: The Great Wall of China

Made of: stone, soil, sand, brick

Built by: Different Dynasties and States

Why: To prevent invasion and protect trade

Popular Attractions: The Great Wall, The Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace

Requirements: Green health code, Mask






Make meaningful sentences coherent with each other

Make meaningful sentences coherent with each other

Make meaningful sentences coherent with each other

Make meaningful sentences coherent with each other

Make meaningful sentences coherent with each other

Make meaningful sentences coherent with each other


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