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5 ways to master the power of self-expression

Updated: May 2, 2018

#Action has consequences; so does #inaction !!!

Your ability to #express determines your #position &/or #progress in personal and professional circles. The ability to let out your #feelings i.e. #powerofexpression is quintessential to your mental health.

Neither should you hide or ignore your #thoughts and feelings nor alter your personal opinion under emotional/professional pressure. Speak your mind out with utmost #honesty lest you #lie to your own self.

Your inability to make your voice heard, overshadows your #personality forever and renders you mis-representated. Others, no-matter how close or #gallant, can do little justice to your POV, rooted in YOUR experiences of life. Thus dwells in you, a perennial feeling of dis-satifaction.

“This above all: to thine ownself be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”— Polonius in Hamlet

In order to create footing and associations in the society, it is important that you let people know your #principles and #ideologies. When people are aware of your existence and know of your stand, they are free to forge a love / hate #relationship (which under no circumstances is a matter of concern for you). If you feel differently about a thing or situation, voice your #opinion as such. Don't allow anything or anyone foil you!

Also, take immense pride in who you are - the #unique and #essentric self; there is no glory in #immitation.

1. DO NOT ever worry about- "what would they think?"

I am the happiest to live to my satisfaction. The world is noisy- always has something to say !

You would never live to your fullest unless you quit worrying about what other think, say or do. As long as others' actions are important to you, you won't matter to yourself !

I know, it might not be easy for all of us to become carefree overnight and start talking with absolute #freedom. If such is YOUR case, feel free to seek motivation, emotion management and help at personality mechanics - a premier #personalitydevelopment and #personalimprovement institution.

Your silence, more often than not will be taken for a consent or complacent. Such assumptions made of your opinion, are always going to prove DETRIMENTAL to your #success.

So, simply speakout your mind and let the chips fall where they may.

2. Write a DIARY

I know... it sounds a very #80s tip, but it still works wonders in maintaining #emotionalequilibrium. This tip ain't just for the one's who find it difficult to express themselves, but holds tall for ALL OF US. How ??

We live complex lives; there are things that we might not feel comfortable in talking about, even with close friends and family. Yet, these 'things' - our #littlesecrets consume us. A Diary is what comes to your immediate rescue! You can drop your load on it, and it won't judge.

Strategist & Consultant Rahul Jain - Member Personality Mechanics shares, "I have been writing diaries since my early days at school. It helps you clear your mind. The practice has helped me many a times to reframe from the chaos inside."

Diary is a friend that listens to you alone, keeps all your secrets abreast and can be taken anywhere at your ease.

You still ave 2nd thoughts about the tip? ... well, give it a TRY, and you'd know why it made to my top 5 list of tips.

3. Creative Transcendence

Creativity is the alternate language of expression

Creative expression is an important medium of speaking your mind out. #Creativity opens up an infinity window to express your feelings and thoughts. Most of us resort to writing starting with #poems, short #stories, #blogs, #scripts and other literary works.

While writing is an acquired skill of expression, #drawing, #painting and #videography have been media of choice for centuries.

Find the medium of your choice, (groom it with personality mechanics, if you deem necessary) and tell the world you are ready for it.

4. Just Imagine

Dream catchers ! create you success

Words have failed all of us... the best of us.. and will fail us again.

It is then you use your power of #imagination to explore new ways of expressing yourself.

There are many a situations when going gets tough and getting your message across to an audience gets difficult. Most of us #experience such a thing at work. Well... what are presentations for?

You can get imaginative presentations, use stories, case studies, examples and analogies tat can support your thoughts, feelings and views.

5. Plan to Succeed

Your likability to an audience is by scheme not destiny

When you address an audience either as 'the best man' or a leader your likability entirely depends on how well you time your #speech.

... and you thought #standup was a joke!!

An essential tool for #PublicSpeaking is to keep #keynotes handy while delivering your piece. The points help you stay on the topic, without skipping over a discussion or repeating yourself.. definite turn-offs!

Planning ensures control, while you get percieved as #confident, On stage, and then Off it.

Planning in advance also helps you #organise your thoughts better, to create a deeper #connect with your audience.

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