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Be self-aware

Know yourself to attain great personality

The first thing about curating a great personality out of ‘self’ is knowing yourself. What’s a personality, you may ask…

Personality or a person of extra-ordinary value is one whose dynamism brings a positive impact to lives of many. Yes, we all aspire to be this ‘dynamic person’, consequentially who doesn’t like a spotlight on them… we all do! But, what’s important to understand here, is, that none have or will ever be born with it.

You might think, that it takes special and pure bloodlines to reach such a centre-stage. But, for those of us, who have read &/or watched the Harry Potter series, know, how strong of charms even ‘muggles’ can cast (Hermione Granger is the character you should be reminded of).

Hold your horses of imagination, because what you are going to read now is going to change your life forever. I wish to tell you, that, it is totally possible to become an extraordinary individual; a leader looked up to; a role model…


Read On…

But first, go find yourself a mirror…

Tips and Tricks to self improvement and personality development

Well yes… I am serious, move your lazy ***, and go find yourself one, because if you ain’t doing this, you are not up for greatness. You might as well quit this blog, log out of personality mechanics forever, find yourself a job and slog.

If you are standing in front of a mirror, answer the following set of questions to yourself (aloud)-

1. How many of those personality development programs (or scams) have you undergone till date?

2. Have you ever made a list of (and that means, literally writing them down) your strengths and weaknesses before enrolling yourself into a skill development or degree course?

3. Do you have a list of failures, long enough to fill an A4 sized sheet of paper, when written in size 16?

4. Are you a go-to person when people seek advice of important personal matters? and

5. Do you often put yourself in situations to which you might not have an immediate solution to?

Your answers are predominantly a YES – Great! you are THE BOSS. Join our team, let’s brighten up a few lives, together.

Easiest method for success training

If your answers were a NO – This is what you need to do

1. If you answered one or more to question 1 (and still reading this blog), Read On…

2. Grab yourself some stationary.

3. Write down your short term goal and long term goal

4. Write down the list of examinations you failed in, the relationships you couldn’t keep, the love you have lost (don’t feel shy to account for it, as love plays an important role in shaping our decision making abilities), and the travel plans you cancelled.

5. Decorate the list and take absolute pride in it; just the way you cherish that awards wall behind you.

6. Walk to the kitchen area and make us coffee. Come-on! it’s a tough job making you discover yourself… so, you can at least get us a coffee before we continue

7. Highlight the skill/course/degree that plays an important role on achieving short and long term goals.

In order to become a leader, it is quintessential that you understand yourself well. Along with inherent qualities of a ‘confidante’ and being quick at action, it is important that you can clearly see through a proposition and know if it is worthwhile.

You are severely mistaken, if you hardly know yourself and start developing yourself. Those advertisements, of hailing self- improvement and change, are sure tempting, but you are most probably being misled.

You are unique. You have a SWOT exclusive to you… unlike anyone else’s. Then why would you walk a learning path designed to my experience and understanding? How would that even work for you, ever?

So, you better get a good look inside. Don’t reflect, absorb. See what you need and know what you want to develop in yourself, to finally achieve your goals.
Note: Just in case you are wondering, why haven’t I mentioned of a moment of transformation in you. The moment of your transition from just an individual to a celebrated one. Well, that happened the moment you stood your place, in front of the mirror, answering all those questions.
Personality in the ability to reflect your inner self!!

Practice this… until next time you read something from me… or visit www.personalitymechanics.com for FREE, to explore many such experiential personal and professional techniques.

Please let us know what you would wish to read about. Share this, to help us touch a few lives.

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