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Best Business Tool ever


Equipped with this, I feel like a winner already. I wear it pretty and bold. This is a magical tool; probably the best one. Even JARVIS (yes, Iron Man’s aid- elementary my dear Watson) is optimized with, in fact, probably this tool is the only reason even artificial intelligence seems lively.

I secure numerous new leads every day using this, thus keeping me at bay from professional burnout and relentless competition.

Now, let me tell you this that it indeed is proprietary, yet FREE to use. It’s the most user friendly and easy to use tool YET, whose use is recommended in most situations. Since this can be used by anyone, it is expected of us to SHARE it, with who so ever you deem right.

When used at the right time, it even has the ability to SAVE lives.

Hey, wait… this ain’t a ‘spam post’

This tool has been around forever, and all of us know about it. It called the SMILE ! (Well literary; don’t search on the App store, thinking of this to be a software solution).

Don’t see merit in the blog no more? Read on and rest assured you’ll grow your business atleast by an 11%. Not bad for a FREE tool, is it ?

A smiling face is the only friendly face in this labyrinthine

A smile engenders love, makes others feel accepted and inside the circle. Sometimes it might even open doors, shut on us otherwise. While putting your subject at ease, it allows for better interactions and best negotiations.

I know, that you know, that we all know this already. But, how often have you strategically applied this basic human trait to use?

Read on to learn how smiling changes our lives for good and thus prior to any marketing or social media tool you may use.

  • Smiling my way to longevity:

Smiling is a million dollar remedy

Keeps the heart rate low and allows easy breathing (courtesy: old men laughter club)

  • Gaining instant trust: My client in California started with me only cause she thought of me as ‘more competent and dependable’. (sorry El, I lied about the scheme I offered; engaging the client was the only reason I was taken on board the project)

All it takes is a smile to say, " I've been thinking about you "

  • Fights all signs of aging

Takes no training to become an awesome person

  • Higher productivity at work :

Solve problems like no-one else

The mathematics is a simple one-

Smiling faces make happy minds; happy minds tend to find comprehensive solutions to problems.

Being able to think on your feet always comes to your rescue, No. 1 survival tip, Bear Grylls way!

  • Feel good glow and endorphins

And it is contagious at the same time

  • Breaking language barriers And this I know, because my nephew is an year old, and responds to smiling just right. Its like a legit conversation, just without words. And thus, pack your bags and hit the road. World is a small place, and smiling shall see you through.

And then what’s the downside of smiling? Nothing…! And I am sure you’d NOT bid to differ.

I am dead serious about the importance to smiling in life (✖╭╮✖)

Send in a few smiles in the comments section. Show me how great of a marketer you are.

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