Make time for self-improvement

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Engagement plan comprises of 16 learning activity levels
The course helps you with english skills whether you wish to pass an examination, travel abroad or advance your career

Practise listening, reading, writing and speaking with real-world English scenarios, from day one, in our fun multi-media lessons

Our courses equip you with the skills to communicate effectively, whatever might be your cause.. communicate well!!

Key vocabulary and speaking skills. Content development skills, social media management and digital conversations

Engagement plan comprises of 16 CEFR-aligned learning activity modules
The course helps enhance your overall English speaking skills
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The career coach guides you through a job search, interviews, resumes, LinkedIN Profiles, promotions and just about everything in between.
45 min
9 Modules of engagement based learning program
Ensures you never get lost again
World is your playround.. Travel ON !
Its a commitment to change for better. Prepare for real life situations. In the 21st century, conventional Education alone isnt enough. Life skills ensure Success in the ...
1 hr 45 min

Learn at your own pace

get certified with every level you clear

16 Modules of engagement based learning program
Specialize in conducting contemprary conversations in your circles
Online sessions with CERTIFIED professional. Talk to us about Building or renewing IDENTITY or SELF-ESTEEM or How to manage and improve WEALTH The session progresses in ...
LIFEHACK (Self-Improvement)
45 min
Free Consultation
Having mastered the basic skill, lead on your way to a new travel destination, as and when you want.
Specific course to help you stay confident at airport, hotels and tourist destinations.
and make friends on the go...!


Nothing parallels a person to person connect


Phone Assist- A new story, everyday

live online

Distances don't matter no more


Custom training solutions for individuals, organisations and government

We are starting a Global GanG of reBels

People don't understand your deep desire to bring positive change to the world with your ideas of innovation and disruption?

We know how it feels. 



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